Permalinks in new Academy platform


I’ve been guiding people interested in learning RPA in my organization to academy courses and learning plans. Unfortunately in the updated academy platform, permalinks don’t seem to work for anything.

Whenever I follow a link to a course I get redirected to /landing and then to the last page I visited (or /static-page/5). In addition to that, learning plans don’t seem to have their own urls.

It was hard enough to link to courses before, since the names and urls changed so frequently. Now it seems impossible altogether.
Please allow users to follow permalinks to respective courses and learning plans.

Cheers, Lukas

Hey Lukas,

Sorry for the pain with the URLs.
We are working in making the links available permanently, but for now, they cannot just be shared from your browser.

We’re going to get back to you on this when it is available.



Hey Cosmin,

thanks for your quick reply. I’m looking forward to your improvements.


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Hey Cosmin,

any updates on this issue?