Performer run based on Dispatcher variables (time)

I apologies if the question have been asked many times before.

Let say I have an Excel files that my Dispatcher read everyday at 12 AM. After it read the details, the dispatcher will add queue item in Orchestrator. But instead of the performer run it immediately, can it run based on the information given by Dispatcher? Let say row 1, need to perform on 1 AM, while row 2 need to perform at 3 PM. Any idea regarding this?

Appreciate you guys for the answers. I am still learning how to use Orchestrator effectively. Cheers :slight_smile:

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When you add the queue item to Orchestrator you can set the Postpone property to a certain time. The robot will wait to process the item until that time.


Got it! Thank you Daniel. I just re-watched the Level 2 - Orchestrator 2018.3 Training and it did help me with the idea.
Basically, just set the Postpone to specific time and date. The only thing is, the performer have to check every few minutes. Not automatically trigger from Orchestrator. Any idea?


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Right now the performer has to check every so often but starting soon queues will be able to start robots when they receive a new item.