Performer process execution is stopping after init process.Can u guide me whats the issue?(uipath level3 assignment2)

performer process execution is stopping after init process.Please help me to fix this?

Try to add logs in the process to see where robot stop.

after system1 close and close all applications file ,it’s stopping

Can you attach your workflow?

Can u tell what’s wrong in it?

Run it in Debug Mode …Its Directly Moving into End Process Without…getting into Get Transaction Data or Process Transacation Section…So kindly Run it in Debug more and Check Where exactly the system is getting Error. As the Moment System gets a System Exception Error…Try Catch Will Execute …it wll assign value to SystemError Variable and post that it wont move to GetTransactionData Step…So kindly Check Using Debug Mode

And Its always Preferred to Use Logging as it helps you know whether system to Looping through all the process or not

@SUPRIYA123 You have left few unused workflows/Invokes, for ex : there are two “Framework\InitAllSettings.xaml” in Init State and Assign activity is incorrect after the data extraction
May need to check the whole code to find all the errors

Check the data extraction whether it extracting or not,and also transition item.