Performer NavigateTo_WIDetails (selector)

Hello! I have problem with selector, can someone help solve this problem?

What is the element that you are trying to accessing


Is the ACME site was opened or not ?

yes, but on the dashboard’s page, browser is closing


Open Browser and then indicate element on the screen. It will work for sure.

i have tryied, but when I run my project I have this


Here, you are trying to close the IE browser right. To do this use Kill Process Activity and pass process name as iexplore.

I need to get to this page to get client’s TaxID

yes I used it


Here, you are getting error in Close All Application xaml file. There also use the same like in Kill Process file.

please tell me why)


Open the dashboards page and indicate it. Don’t make it any dynamic selector here.

Please tell me what problem is in my selectors? When I indicate selectors are validated, but when I run the project I have error
I dont use dynamic selectors, I only change Dashboard by *