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Hi there I am just about to quit this course as I do not believe this is a required step to make a web site fail just to prove you can see that there are 2 dialog boxes, being new to this, I have wasted 8 hours trying to just get the reports to download.

When I select the dialog box that is displayed using the indicate on screen option i get the selector

If i close this and then straight away bring up the same selector in UI Explorer it fails to validate the exact selector it has just found

I learnt nothing from the last 8 hours and will definitely NOT be recommending this course to anyone.

and to top it off there is a wonderful RULE that new users can only embed one image in a post…common guys what is this rubbish!


Welcome to community

If i understand you correctly, you are facing issue with selectors

You are always welcome to post your problem in forums when you are struck at any point

Community is a place where all are sharing and collaborating to Learn and grow

For the Rules of new users, I ask Community forum leaders to share their opinion
@loginerror @Pablito

We are always here to support community members instead of wasting time

Also Academy is a great platform for beginners where your feedback is also important to improve the courseware

Happy Automation


Hi @Paul_Curtis

I can commend on the one image per new user. This is a basic measure that encourages new users to browse for a solution before creating a new topic.

We have an article in our Forum FAQ that explains what are the criteria to advance to the next level:

It is quite straightforward:

We will see if we improve the visibility of this article, so that our users are not confused anymore why they cannot post more pictures and are aware that lifting this restriction is actually quite easy.

There is now a link in the message you see that will explain it to our users:

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I managed to fix the issue.

It seems that the “element exist” activity does not check until the timeout period set in the property section. So it fails if the dialog takes any time to display…
Fudged it by adding a 5 second delay activity before any checks. Now works and the exam is complete.


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