Performer error assignment2

Hai while recording i am not having any data for the particular vendor ID for the given year till december it is like that so there is no excel file created for storing data


Are you entering year as 2018 or not ?

Yes i gave 2018 only


Could you please reset the ACME data and then try once.

yes i resetted the data and i executed the dispatcher process and proceeded with performer still it is not showing data for any month

is the TAXID entered correctly
can we have a view on the page with details entered and the error with a screenshot
Cheers @vineethkumar_VK


Are you entering TAX ID only right ?

Please check any spaces are there before and after TAX ID. And also manually check it once.

The TaxID for the vendor extraction is in jan 2018 but there is no data so that it could save and store in excel

manually we checked it is showing no data for every month

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Whether you checked with other vendor TaxID???..


Have you checked for all months right with each TAX ID ?

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manually i checked for one vendor ID there was data but while recording it is showing no Data found for the same month and year


I guess there is some space before or after TAX ID. Use Trim to remove the spaces.


In which part should i give space for TAX ID


I said if any extra space is there then delete it where you will enter TAX ID value.

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