Performer Assignment problem with assign activity!

please help for this: Assign: startIndex cannot be larger than length of string. How to solve

out_UploadID.Substring("Report was uploaded - confirmation id is ".Length)

Thankyou in advance !!!

please see the video of “Love coding and Play” channel on generate yearly report , he really explains so well

also please someone help me out , i’m not able to get grade in the second assignment , my code output and naming convections all are correct , even in acme and orchestrator the status is completed and successful , but still idk why it is not allotting grade for me

i did reset many a times after the first assignment got successfully graded , but while doing second assignment , i could run so many times , so i used to reset data , does that make any sense ?

Better what you do is in orchestrator while running again again please do recreate of Queue…also reset it

There is no any connection with 1st and 2nd first we were doing 1st on “WI5” and second on “Wi4”

Hi @kjaiswal,

Substirng index starts from 0 and length starts from 1. You are getting this error because you want to go to an index that does not exist.

You can try adding the following.

out_UploadID.Substring("Report was uploaded - confirmation id is ".Length-1)


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yea doing that all the time and getting results also properly , but i dont hve why this isn’t getting considered on the assignment portal

Generate yearly report assignment 2 (3.5 MB)
also can u pls have a look into it and lemme know what’s wrong pls

its really kind of urgency to complete the course , except this everything’s done in the course

@kjaiswal can you upload your project zip

But getting same error…What can i do?
Thanks (988.7 KB)
Here is the project Zip

U can Go through once From starting and check if any expression are written correctly or not also check the guide as per it all the things are same or not also u can go through this following video its really good…
GENERATE YEARLY REPORT | UiPath 2021 [Complete and Explained in Detail] - YouTube

@kjaiswal have you used write line activity to print out the value of out_uploadID ?
because in the selector seems you used the selector of the OK button instead of the actual text itself

can you capture the selector again and select the text?

@kjaiswal use this
System1_UploadYearlyReport.xaml (19.7 KB)

i simply changed the selector to this

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