Performance estimation

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There is any template to estimate the performance of an bot ?

  1. For any app input / output
  2. For an email and attachment
  3. For each image download


Hi @canibalr

Is it the performance estimate for the bot or for the process that you are to automate?

@jogayon001 @Jan_Brian_Despi @lakshman


For the process to estimate the processing capacity


Everything is based on the network right @canibalr? Performance estimate in the sense the time of bot execution. Are you expecting anything else? Can you explain :slight_smile:

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In the end I must answer “How many purchase orders can I process per minute?”

I have only found options where it is proposed that you first develop the flows and measure the result. Something very expensive in a project

It is clear that there are factors external to UiPath that affect the final execution such as equipment, networks and communications, etc.

But specifically for UiPath,
I ask if there is a way “before developing the flows” to estimate the performance of a process?

That allows:

  1. Analyze the solution from the beginning to develop the flows efficiently
  2. Approach the estimated result of execution capacity

Thanks for yor time


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