Perform vlookup in excel without using lookup data table

How to perform vlookup in excel without using lookup data table activity and store the result at last after last column of the excel sheet?

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You can very well use the click and type activities to do this over the excel UI.
Also, here is another component that I found over connect that might be helpful. You may explore it, I haven’t used it though.


@Palaniyappan Can you help?

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Look up datatable is very easy to use and I wonder why we are avoiding to use
But still we can do the same with vlookup excel formula with write cell activity inside a for each row loop
We can do that with a vb script which we can run with execute macro or invoke VBA activity

Cheers @vamsikrish28


Yes, Lookup Datatable is very easy and convenient.
Let us know if you need any help with that too @vamsikrish28.

Thanks and cheers @Palaniyappan :grinning:

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