Perform string comparison, export multiple pages in word document dynamically as different PDF documents

  1. I have an excel table consisting of invoice number and list of items purchased.I need to compare whether the ‘invoice number’ of consecutive entries are same or not. If same, entry need to be added as word table. If not same, the remaining entries need to be added in the table in the next page.(String.CompareTo and String.Equals not filtering the entry details).
  2. Is there any way to create PDF documents dynamically and export table contents in multiple pages in a word document to separate PDF documents?.If yes, How?
    I need an answer for both questions urgently.

Hi @Gopalakrishnan_K,

  1. you can get a data-table by reading excel file and iterate each rows and check your logic and build a data-table with desired output finally you can write that into word
    (Need more details )

  2. If it’s a Digital generated PDF you can use regex and extract your information. it it’s a Image based one you need to use OCR option

  1. For more required details, I’m attaching my excel table
    In this excel sheet, note that there are 3 entries with invoice number ‘INV001’ .I need to add these three entries to a table in word document .The entry with invoice number ‘INV002’ need to be entered in another table in next page of same word document.I need the PDF versions of the same document page-wise.
    Hope the problem is clear now.Is it possible to resolve?

Hi @Gopalakrishnan_K,

  1. Read Range activity to read excel file and output will be a Data table
  2. Use Sort data table activity and sort the data table using invoice number column
  3. Install UiPath.word.Activities package and activities will show under app integration in the activity panel
  4. use Insert Data table activity and export to pdf activity

Note: Break your word file into multiple files and do the automation