Perform Scrape based off of location of found term

I have an interesting requirement for a screen scrape that I am having trouble with.

The challenge works as follows. There is a specific form (which I have linked below), laced in among many other garbage pdf pages in a single document. UiPath must find this form, and then perform a specific scrape on it, and deposit that information into excel. I have the excel part down, the scrape is challenging me. This entire file is scanned and sent to me, so this may involve OCR to some degree.

This form is very unique compared to the garbage around it, it says at the bottom left “COMPANY FORM 123”. The items it needs to scrape boxes 1, 9, 12, and 13, it really doesn’t matter what is in these boxes, but that something be there. Even if uipath returns garbage, it still tells me the form was filled out correctly (roughly). Furthermore, those boxes are always in the same location relative to “COMPANY FORM 123”

I believe the way this works is UiPath needs to read the file, find the key word, and perform an anchor base get text. However, I am really struggling with setting that up.

Any guidance on how to perform a screen scrape relative to an item in the document is much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

examplepdf.pdf (372.4 KB)

this is a scrubbed version of what I am trying to scrape data from. You’ll note the key words at the bottom, and the boxes I have mentioned that I am trying to get info out of.