Perform Mouse Right click on Putty Server

I am trying to perform the right click on the putty to paste something

Does not works Ctrl V or hotKeys on the Putty, just Mouse right click it will paste all the data copied.

I worked out this way,
used click activity selected the button type Right click and enter, this not always doing the right click.

How do I do that by using Mouse events and do Right click?
Is there any other way to do it ?

any advise would be really appreciate

Thank you in Advance

Hi @vbrgangasani,
To paste the copied data you have the following methods available here:

  1. Set to Clipboard activity to copy the data from the source and set it to clipboard.
  2. Get from clipboard activity to fetch the copied value from the clipboard.
  3. Type into activity to directly type the value inside the destination textbox.

Method 2:

  1. Click Activity and change the property : Mouse Button to RIGHT CLICK.
    Hope you are clear…
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