Perform clean up in multiple desktops local C drive

I have list of 200 desktops IP address in the Excel sheet and I want to connect all of the desktops to perform temp cleanup in the local drives of each desktops in my domain network , How can archive uipath ?

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Kindly follow the below steps that could help you to resolve your issue

  1. Open excel application scope activity to open the Excel
  2. Use read range activity to read the data in excel and save it to a variable name of out_dt
  3. Use a for each Row loop to iterate through each row that is each value in the ipaddress column…pass the out_dt variable to this loop as input and use a assign activity to get the ipaddress like this
    Out_ipaddress = row(“ipaddresscolname”). Tostring
  4. Now u can use this as a variable and pass as input to the process involved in clearing temp files…kindly refer this url to do that…
    Remove temporary files in your system

Hope this would help you buddy
Cheers… kindly let know if this works or not…

There are at least two ways I have in my mind to achieve this. By doing what @Palaniyappan said you need to have all IP kept in DataTable. Then you need to loop through each IP and you can do:

  1. Invoke Power Shell where you can use "Enter-PSSession " and do all stuf from PS.
    This method however requires to have PS Scripting enabled for all servers.
  2. By using Click and Type Into activity navigate to “Run” then type “\<rest of path>” image
    and do next click etc. to remove/do cleanup of paths.

Thank you Palaniyappan. However could not understand the looping out ip address
Example my Excel contain ip address only , now where do I link Excel data to loop desktop ip address [\\d$\foldername ?

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Buddy its very simple you are almost done

  1. see once you get the value from for each row loop assigned to a variable like
    Out_ipaddress = row(“ipaddresscolname”). Tostring
  2. Now again use a assign activity like this to concetanate
    "["+“Out_ipaddress”+"\d$\foldername" to get like this
    [\\d$\foldername where Out_ipaddress = “” obtained from for each row loop
    3 Then you can pass this as input to type into activity to enter that or pass anywhere youwant

Thats all buddy kindly try this and let know whether this works or not

Cheers @nibu

DltRemoteDesktop.xaml (6.6 KB)

Hello Palaniyappan, many thanks. I stuck on point 1 and 2.This what I accomplish so far !

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here is xaml buddy… @nibu
Kindly try and let know buddy
DltRemoteDesktop.xaml (12.3 KB)


Many thank for all the help you provide to me Palaniyappan .
The only problem is that when I run the file excel file in message box to test it shows the variable name instead of \\d$\foldername ! how can I change to show the correct data like \\d$\foldername ?


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No worries buddy @nibu

Can i have the xaml again with project.json file and the xaml you have both zipped together
sorry that there is some problem with the studio opening the file
Cheers @nibu (12.5 KB)
Sorry for asking to many question Palaniyappan. Here is the file

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Buddy you were actually done buddy @nibu
but the issue was the variable been used as a string
see here buddy image
Out_ipaddress is a variable
but we have placed as string between quotes down the next activity
so remove that quotes and just put as Out_ipaddress alone buddy @nibu
That would work buddy

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It work perfectly thank you so much and now I can continue adding other activity

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Fantastic buddy @nibu
Cheers keep going

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