Percentage showing stability of selector

UI Explorer to have a stability indicator for Selector.

As we inspect a selector in ui explorer to make it a valid one .

One keeps on adding and removing attributes from html tree. Can we have a percentage indicator here which roughly tell user when i am having a stable one and when adding too many attributes is degrading my selector quality…

E.g :
If my selector is having the file name “mukeshkala.doc” - stability : say 10%
I update the selector to “mukesh%.doc” - stability increases to : 50 %
I add an idx attribute - stability decreases to : 40 %

Something on these lines .

Thoughts pls :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi @mukeshkala,
I’m not pretty sure if this would be reliable. There are many different selectors dependent on applications, websites etc.


Hi @mukeshkala

i totally agree with @Pablito, basically when you are working on selectors , selectors change uniquley with elements, we cant say these values are heavily supported .but anyway your suggestion is good down the line in future we can expect this type of innovations…