Pending status in job on a remote machine with uipath 21.4.4

Hello, I would like a scheduled task not to wait to start a session on a remote machine that shuts down every day but to run in the scheduled task.

I put screenshots of my settings

In the last photo the job is running because the machine has not been turned off today yet and the session has already been started.


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Sorry. Didn’t get you. Could you elaborate more about the issue.


Pls check once is there any other process running in the same machine because of which it would have occupied the runtime of the robot you want to execute and which in turn would have kept the bot in pending state

Increase the runtime license of that machine and give a try


Hello lakshman,

I schedule a daily job at 11pm on a remote machine that shuts down every day.
That job is pending until I log in. How could I get that job running at 11pm, which is how I have it scheduled, without having to log in to the remote machine?

I find this Job in Pending until I log in to the remote machine. If I log in at 9 a.m., it runs at 9 a.m.

Hello Palaniyappan,

There is only that process.


Pls clarify are you using unattended bot license and is the robot given with credentials to login automatically when it meets the schedule


Yes, it have

Pls check once the domain and username

You can check that in your machine by opening cmd and type as whoami

Cheers @gruano


Hi @gruano,

Can you please also go to robot settings tab and check if “Login to console” setting is enabled and set to No?

If not, please set it to No.


Hello Sonali,

It was disabled but I enabled it, I set it to No and it still has the same problem


Try reconnecting once again the robot in UiPath assistant and give a try

Make sure the status is connected and licensed
And then run the job

Cheers @gruano

Hi @gruano :

Main problem i see here is, the orchestrator trigger is not getting connected to the machine unless you login to the machine. when you login to the machine, the agent is connected to the orchestrator and its getting kickstarted.

  1. I see you use various templates in the screenshots. If you are using the standard templates, how the connectivity of orchestrator creds is followed?
  2. Is the remote machine a floating VDI? if yes, the standard machine templates will not work. it should be a floating un attended.

If its a standard machine and connected to it, how it is behaving when you scheduled the same task during the daytime? Also, as another try to check the connectivity for unattended - you can login to the machine during the scheduled time, if the orchestrator kickstarts the job and if its connected with the machine… it should kick you out by ending the remote session.

Please try with the above approaches as well. hope this adds to your findings. cheers.

Hello Palaniyappan,

Hello @Pradeep.Robot ,

Job executed with the templated machine being connected to orchestrator on another machine

Job executed with the standard machine

The standard machine appears to me disconnected and I don’t know why

They are both in pending status and I am currently connected to the machine

I add information


Hi, so when u say the standard machine is in disconnected status, you won’t be able to trigger any job in that machine. Try to solve that issue first… When the machine is in connected status automatically it should connect the jobs while triggered.

On the template connected with another machine… Is it a standard machine template or floating machine template? If u connect a standard machine template to a floating machine it will not auto connect with any other machines. If u are using different machine to connect using the machine template- like vdi or different machine, create floating machine template for the same and try! Hope this solves your issue.

Helloo @Pradeep.Robot

The standard machine is connected

But the job is pending



hi are you using ad account? robot pool or classic one?
it seems the machine is occupied by another process and other robot are not required to start the process as it is busy?

Hi @raymondhui

I don’t understand the account question. I am using classic standard. There is no other process.