Pending allocation bug

Hello, I’m using community Studio to automate my test 2021.10.0. It works really great from laptop but when I try to launch it from Orchestrator, it stuck with “Pending allocation” message…
In this thread on stackoverflow a found a workaround rpa - UiPath Orchestrator - Scheduled Jobs Get Stuck In “Pending” State - Stack Overflow which consist of log out from Assistant and log back, and surprisingly it works… I wanted to know if there is a real fix for this issue? or it’s a “Community” bug? Of some hidden setting that I’ve missed somewhere?
Thank you very much for you help!

Welcome to the Community! @insuotestuserb

This basically restarts service and sends a fresh request to the Orchestrator to establish a new connection.

Many reason that the service was not well connected earlier → Antivirus and VPN are the main enemies of the ‘always running’ services