Peculiar bug, no error but software doesn't run

Hello all,

I am in last stage of my first big UiPath project. I have written a piece of code thats purpose is to find a specific form inside of a pdf (form 577) and then scrapes out the name date and signature in the form.

Basically it has 3 chunks. First it converts each page to a string in an array. Then if it finds the word “Form 577” in an item in th array, it executes the scraping process.

The data it scrapes goes into a data table, that table is appended to an excel file.

See attached file for my cumulative work so far. my problem is tha twhen I run this I don’t get an error but nothing happens. I am confident in my code and seeking any advice at all for a close deadline. Thank you all in advance.Main.xaml (18.3 KB)