Pdf with images - why images not reflecting in the o/p file

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Want to make myself clear here. Please find the pdf, xaml file and the output file.

Pdf contains images, noticed the output of the xaml doesn’t have images, but instead it has got replaced with many special characters. This is my doubt.

Can you tell me whether do we not get the same images which are present in the pdf as the output?

pdf with images.pdf (3.3 MB)

pdfwithimage.xaml (7.9 KB)



@Hariprasad you don’t get that images as output buddy, instead that if you use read pdf with ocr it will read all the Data. And also if that pdf contains any images it reads the data in that images and will give you the output. But if you want to have those images only as output with these activities it won’t happen.


@venkatmalla6 Thank you! So do we have any other activity which can read the image as well in the output file?

@Hariprasad if you want to read any data from image, through read pdf with ocr will read images and it will extract data from that images and store it in a variable.

Thanks @venkatmalla6:innocent:

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