PDF Variable Input Length

As a warning, I’m not a developer/programmer so please bear that in mind.

We’re trying to automate creation of invoices to our finance system from a PDF template. We have a proof of concept that will iterate through multiple PDFs in a folder and input the data into the system. The last requirement I’m struggling to fulfill is when the PDF has multiple line items which requires adding additional rows in the system.

I was hoping to avoid having every PDF forced to go through Get Text for all 6 rows, adding the rows in the Finance system, and creating empty account info. In an ideal world I’d like to do an IF field populated then, or Do Until Amount = Total.

I tried scraping the PDF - Microsoft OCR & Get Text/Full Text to Generate DataTable activity, but the results showing in the Excel file from the Write Range activity don’t look usable. A lot of the topics I looked at are beyond my current technical understanding.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi! Can you send me an example of you PDF file to help you to extract all this data in a DataTable?

Sent. Thank you, I appreciate it.