Pdf to Excel without dataloss


Trying to convert pdf to excel file and image to excel file. share your ideas here.

1.Without data loss
2. Does anybody know the package name?


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check this

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If you are not using custom activity then you can have workaround as follow,
Read pdf text activity to read pdf as a text,

and then using split function you can split as per the requirement and then using substring function you can write to a datatable which you should create using build datatable activity and then you can write to excel using write range

Let us know if need more information

Pavan H

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Can you send any sample flow for this?


Are you going to send?

Hi @ganesh_rajan,

Is your pdf Native or scanned

If the PDF is Native, you can use Uipath PDF to excel extractor or the method provided by pavan.

If the PDF is scanned, and you cannot select the text - Then you have to use read pdf text with ocr and see if the output is proper, mostly for scanned pdf’s the output wont be proper, so cannot be extracted the table using uipath.

Image to Excel file - Uipath cannot read image files

If you want to extract information from scanned pdf and image files and if you want the data to be proper better to use abby flexicapture, but it is not free.


Native pdf format


here is the example pdf to excel for your reference.

PDFToExcel.zip (55.6 KB)

Pavan H


Ok. Is there any possible way to get a particular table format portion?

Yes you can get it by using pdf to excel activities.

Pavan H

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is it…that’s awsm…can you send any sample for that?

Pdf file.pdf (93.7 KB)

In this pdf file data Table want to pull in excel please tell me how to do this