Pdf to excel document

I really struggle with coding and ive been at the tutorial videos for a few hours now and i cant seem to get it. im trying to take this document: https://www.mnsu.edu/supersite/academics/catalogs/undergraduate/2014-2015/accounting.pdf and output it to an excel document that would take the form of
Accounting BS
ECON | 201 |
ECON | 203 |

and so on… i know this seems stimple but the document im actually trying to work on is much much larger and there are several of them.

is there a way to write cell if it has a certain font?

if your problem is identifying the text, it is a bit hard to get an accurate result.
As the text is unstructured, the only workaround i see is to do string manipulation - ie. to pull the string starting with “ACCOUNTING BS” and ending with “COURSE DESCRIPTIONS”.