Pdf to excel comparison

Is it possible to compare contents from a pdf with contents in excel. For example, I got a account statement and want to compare with expense report in excel. Is it possible ?

I would say “yes” to your question as long as both pdf and excel files are in structured format that can be read by a software robot.

The only thing is how you implement the logic to get it done.

Thanks… But the pdf document may vary in size ( number of entries). Will it be possible to compare so… I have copied the the content of excel in data table and the content of pdf in text file… Now I am struck in comparing the details from pdf to excel ( or vice versa) and mark the matched entries in excel.

I think you should share some sample files as well as further explanation on how you want to perform your comparison so the guys here might be able to help you out.
(I’m quite positive in your concern btw.)



Please find the attachment … Her I have a PDF and excel which has some statement… I want to match the excel to pdf and mark the one which were same…Book1.xlsx (8.4 KB)
Sample statement.pdf (32.6 KB)

I was able to get the data from pdf in text and excel to datatable. Now I need to compare the content and see if there matches.

can i have solution for this.

so is there a solution for it?