PDF to CSV file

Hi , I am trying to convert the PDF which contains some list of fields with values. Am using read pdf activity and getting only the column names in single column.

Attached the PDF and Excel.
output.xlsx (7.9 KB)
8130-3_sample_for_demo.pdf (32.5 KB)

Can anyone please help me in getting the exact output with the column names and values in CSV.


This topic maybe help you.


Hi @pondyondaime, thanks for the reply. In that example, the pdf contain only two columns.
But my PDF has 18 columns. So if I use Build data table, I think it will be some difficult!

I think in your case after you read pdf you will get 1 string
then you should use substring one by one for each column.

after that add to datarow to write in csv

Okk @pondyondaime. Can you please send me one sample xaml if you have any!