PDF specific Data Extraction (Table Format)

I need to take all ISIN number from the whole PDF

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Hope the below link will be helpful.

In addition, If your PDF is a scanned image then go for OCR based PDF activities.

Please go to manage packages and install UiPath.PDF.Activities. Once you install that package, you will be able to see PDF activities.

You can use Read PDF Text (For normal PDF file) or Read PDF Text with OCR (Scanned PDF) activities for your requirement.

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but i need to scrap that ISIN column only other column have data
I used that also by using regex I unable to get data

with out using DU if have possible to get data


If the PDF is plain PDF then you can use as below

Now by checking the output you can use Regex to extract

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Please follow the below step to get specific column value.

Step 1: use ‘Read PDF Text’ activity to get the entire data from PDF file. Assuming the PDF having non-image content. If its have Scanned documents as PDF, make use of PDF with OCR

Step 2: Understand string pattern for ISIN column and apply the specific regular expression on entire text data you received.

For more details about RegEx in UiPath, you can look into the below,

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once I check and update Si/Madam

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