PDF Review automation

Hi all, I am brand new to UiPath so I am not 100% sure if I am asking this question in the correct section of the forum.

I run a small finance & investment business and we receive approx 75% of our customer documentation populated and signed digitally.
At present I have a team who review the docs for completeness and accuracy of data but would like to develop an automated process to manage the same task.

Once executed the docs are received either via email or uploaded to our portal as a secure PDF. Its at this point I want to be able to have an automated process to review the docs based on predefined rules and report back as to whether the docs are fully complete and accurate. If not then report on the outstanding items.

Is UiPath capable of this task / process and if so is there a particular section I should start the project from.

Appreciate any help.



Hi @Robwill

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It seems that in overall the process can be automated

Can u tell the rules regarding which the process need to check with PDF


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There is a diverse set of rules, some of which will be simple yes/no questions. Ie, has this section of the document ben completed? Others will be more complex based on if/then scenarios.