(PDF) Rename and Encrypt with Password

Dear All,

Understand it is very convenient to cut PDF with “ExtractPDFPages”, but may i know if we could:

  1. Rename the PDF
  2. Encrypt with password

Thanks so much.

Hi Viyeung,

You can make use of ‘Move File’ activity to rename any kind of file.

To do so move the file (PDF in your case) to the same folder with different name.

As for as encrypting goes i don’t think there is any built-In activity in UiPath through which you can achieve this, you might need to create a custom activity.

i don’t think there is specific activity for Renaming a file. You can click on the file and send hotkey F2 and type the name in which you want to save the file and send hotkey ENTER.


Hi Uthraa,

If you ask me, we don’t need use these robotic actions of clicking and sending hot keys.As “Move File” activity though not primarily built to rename,does the job perfectly and in less time as well.