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Some one please help me with this issue…In this scenerio my bot is downloading csv cirrcular file from NSEindia website and after it get downloaded bot is reading csv file after that different subject are there in csv file…

My issue is for example the subject is:SEBI Interim order-cum-Show cause Notice in the matter of Indus Weir Industries Limited

Know in this some time bot wants to download different subject and subject start with:Interim order or order in. My bot is downloading the same subject pdf for 2 times because sometime in same subject interm order and In the matter is there so that’s the reason it is downloading same subject 2 time’s

Someone please provide me the solution for this.

Hi @Priyesh_Shetty1

Can you create a dictionary/list while downloading the file?
You can use a get text activity and store the filename in that dictionary/list, and check whether filename exists already in your DataStructure

so when your bot would be coming on Interim order, it will get text of the filename, check it in the DS, and since it is not found it will add it in the data structure and download the file,
now when it reaches to the In the matter part, it will try and get text of the file name, now it will check against that data Structure, if it is found we won’t proceed with the downloading logic.

This could be done with an if condition and a list type of dataStructure.


Happy Automation! :slight_smile:

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@adiijaiin im taking the help of CSV file to download the data from the website,So how can i use the get text?Bot is finding the subject name from csv file.

Alright so once you’ve read one line from the csv, try adding that into the list after checking whether it exists already in that list.
If the same name appears later do not download it again

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Would you please show me the demo how to do it?

can you provide me your csv file and the values stored in Lists_PDF_download

Sorry bro due to organzation firewall the file cannot be sended…i will send you the pic of csv file

share it, lets see, what could be done, atleast could you attach that list variable values

@adiijaiin this is the csv file in this i have to download both the sebi interim and sebi order in
but bot is downloading sebi interim 2 times

@adiijaiin at the start i have mentione the array also…Sometimes the subject start’s from
example:Interim order in the matter of xyz,
sebi order in the matter of xyz
order in the interim order sebi xyz

like this sometime subjects are

Just to be clear,

So you loop through CSV and check against the keyword from the list, if they are found you need to download that file?

Yes iam looping and i have used 2loops one for each and 2nd for each row in data table.

@adiijaiin Basically everytime iam running this process my bot is going to the NSEindia website and there bot will download the csv file and then it will download pdf’s.

It could look something like this:
ReadCSVandList.xaml (12.9 KB)
Subjects.xlsx (9.8 KB)

Save this file as Subjects.csv and try this workflow and let me know if it’s the desired result.
using this logic it would only be downloading 2 files.

@adiijaiin it worked thank you so much

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