PDF Redaction Custom Activity

another qn @lawes , why this error coming?check the output panel please

Hi @lawes Is this only compatible with Windows-Legacy framework? As soon as I convert it to windows it does not work.

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Great application but when I try to run it, I get this error message? Could you help please

Hey @lawes this is such a great activity that you created, and is something that our company uses on a daily basis for red boxing and redacting financial management data (invoices, contracts, etc.) We have been using the DU Redaction plugin activity because the field labeling and training has been done in AI center with a very accurate confidence rate. However, the DU Redaction activity has stopped working for some reason. I am posting a screenshot that shows the error, but it basically just says “Redaction Failed” in the output log, however, it does not stop the process or give a description as to why it is failing. It just goes to the next document and then has the same issue. I saw someone above was having the same issue but did not see a reply back to that or possible solution. I will also attach my workflow which actually came from the example workflow you posted and I just tweaked it to match the needs for our company. Any help is very appreciated!!

Redbox (1).zip (1.9 MB)

@Nishant_Banka1 I was wondering if you ever figured out a solution for this error? I am experiencing the same issue and not sure how to fix it. Thank you in advance for any help/suggestions!

Thank you for the activity, it’s really nice but is there a way to not use any OCR? All of our PDF files are already OCRed and using the activity make the PDF a bit worse, meaning that some text are not recognized.

For example I am using the following formula: “\b[A-Z][a-zA-Z]*\b” and it redact every words instead of just words with Capital letter.

Any advice? Thank you!

Hi. Its not allowing me to install PDF Redaction stating that its not compatible with Windows. Need help to install it.

Nevermind, I found the limitation in the PDF and I was able to find a solution.
My solution is to read the PDF text and extract what I need with regex and then use the match in formula, it’s working pretty much perfectly.

Thank you again for the activity !

Hi there, Is there any documentation or a guide on installing the DU plugin?