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Hello community, I have a little problem with AI Center and Document Understanding, I train PDFs, however, when importing, my PDF is displayed in “landscape” mode, but when opening, it is in “portrait” mode this is a problem for me because I can’t work. Do you have a solution? Thanks

Opening the PDF:

With Document Understanding :


Hi there document manager auto rotates to a humanly readable angle in AI center. That’s the reason why you see the documents rotated in document manager and data labelling sessions.

How does the input document look like? as long as input files are correctly rotated to be humanly readable it should be fine. else we would need to rotate it before it goes to the ML extractor. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Sharon

Hello, thank you for your answer. My entry document is in portrait, the problem is that I can’t do the labeling with “landscape” type documents

AI center, usually rotates properly. Whats the OCR you’re using for Labelling? OCR determines the angle of a document so you can change OCR too and recheck it.

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I use Ui PAth OCR

Since this issue is being faced in document manager, try testing with different OCRs like Omni page or Google OCR to see if you have the same issue. also try rotating in different angles before you upload to document manager.

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