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How could I distribute PDF files based on the logo mark embedded inside each PDF file?
I have a set of PDF files, and they are from multiple customers. All PDF files have a logo in the first page, but the location of the logo varies from PDF to PDF.

Say, we have 3 different customers, and each of the PDF files is from one of the 3 customers. Needless to say, different customer means different logo.

I also have 3 folders (customerA, customerB, and customerC folders), and I want to distribute each PDF file into one of those folders based on the logo inside each PDF file, because each PDF file is named randomly, and the format of the content varies each time, so using the logo seems to be the only way to find which PDF is from which customer.

How could I do this? Image comparison, and distribution? Is there a way to save 3 images (a logo from each of the 3 customers), and check inside PDF to see which image matches the logo inside the PDF?


Yah you are right
—this can be dimensions only when the odd is opened and checked with the image in it
—to open we can use start process with file path as input
—Use a parallel activity where in the first one use a retry scope and in the upper part use a send hot key with pgdn key while in the condition part use image exists
—once opened we can check for the image with image exists but with three image exists activity this time so we would be getting three Boolean output variables each looking for different images that is three retry scope in the parallel activity one next parallel to each other with a retry scope and send hot key - image exists as condition in it
—now let’s use a if condition next to this parallel activity and pass the first image Boolean variable and check whether it’s ttue or not and if it’s true goes for THEN part were we can use Move File activity mentioning the source file path and destination file path where to move it
—is False it will go to ELSE part where we use another if condition and validate for second image exists Boolean variable whether it is true or false and if it’s true it will go for THEN part where we can use a move file activity to send the second remaining file to its corresponding folder or if it’s false for goes for ELSE part where we can use a move file activity that is used to send the third remaining file

Though a big one but a simple one isn’t it
Hope this would help you
Cheers @tomato25


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