PDF is Incorrectly scraped using Get Full Text Activity

Hi Team,

I have 2 pdf files of same format but when scraping data from 1 pdf data is correctly getting scrapped(including headers) using Get Full Text activit,y in the same format as pdf is structured.

While doing scraping of another pdf using Get Full Text activity, the headers are getting skipped from the scrapped data.

Being a new user I am not allowed to upload the files.
Please suggest me, what could be the possible reason of these behavior of scrapping when the 2 files are of almost same format.


Hey Priya,
Actually what is your requirement please cleare? is you want to extract full text of both pdfs? if yes then
try to read pdf by Read pdf activity instead of scraping
else tell your requirement little more


make sure your title attribute as dynamic in your selector in ‘attach window’. if it is not use wildcards if your pdf files are following same naming format.

In ‘get text’ Actvity also once chechk the name attribute.