PDF In Form Task Refreshes Automatically

When entering text into the form fields, the adjacent PDF file refreshes after each text input.

When working with Tasks with forms and PDF files in Action Center, the PDF attached to the task refreshes automatically after text is entered in any field of the form.

In order to fix this, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Create Form Task activity
  2. In the properties panel, check the box "Generate Input fields".
  3. Open Form Designer
  4. Identify the field generated for the doc_storage argument. Click on Edit. Mark it as "hidden".


  • Remove any other field that is not needed.
  1. Identify the Pdf HTML element and make sure that the property RefreshOnChange is disabled.
  2. Open the Json editor of the Pdf HTML element and search for RefreshOn. Assign it the value of the argument's name, in our example: doc_storage. Example: "refreshOn": "doc_storage".