PDF for each to read this file only

how can i only check for this AO Schedule (Dev) and not other file in the folder
i have try
currentItem.ToString= (“AO Schedule (Dev)”) However is not working the only one working is currentItem.ToString.Contains(“AO Schedule (Dev)”) however this also let me get my other file which is SAO Schedule (Dev) is there anyway i get this AO Schedule (Dev)

CurrentItem.ToString.Contains(“AO Schedule(Dev)”)


i have write this
but is giving me SAO Schedule (Dev) as well in the same folder so when pdf extraction is taking this file information

Hi @xxGoRpa

Try this

CurrentItem.ToString.Equals(“AO Schedule(Dev)”)

CurrentItem.ToString.Equals(“AO Schedule(Dev)”)

So try this one

try this nope it dont work

As my pdf is reading the currentitem.tostring

Assign activity:
if condition:FilenameWithOutExtensions.StartsWith.Equals(“AO Schedule(Dev)*”)
I hope this will help you

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Hi @xxGoRpa

Variable = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(Currentitem.ToString)

If condition -----

Variable.ToString.StartsWith("AO Schedule (Dev)")


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