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Data from pdf is extracted and writing into excel but problem is “/” has to written under TFSN and TSSN column for other columns data in not there to extract same table format need to use. I used array row to write data it’s writing like this.

How to write under specified column, please help.


can you please share the wf file and pdf

@Lak_Ui not able to share pdf i can share workflow
pdf to excel.zip (9.7 KB)
Please look on it.

Hello @lakshmi.mp

Use For Each Row Activity Instead of Add Data Row Activity.

Hope This Helps.


Main.xaml (21.5 KB)
i have updated the wf you shared . Please take a look

@Lak_Ui writing in specified column data not extracting properly

@sb001 where to store the current row data of TTSN, TFSN, TSSN

@lakshmi.mp Its same workflow which you are using,
Just Instead of add Data row Activity use for each row Activity.

Because Add data row activity will add data in Sequence where as using for each row activity you can add data on column where you want to add.


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the variables you have declared have proper values right except that it is not writing in the column intended…can you share the excel file you are getting after running through the wf i shared

Hi @Lak_Ui

Its writing now. Thank you

Thanks & Regards,

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