Pdf file extaction not selecting particular column

i have multiple pdf files of invoice data. i am using get text method to extact data and export to excel.
in pdf files i extracted name,date, amount.
but below not able to get extract ,
when i use get text it selecting two column and not select particular column name.

date, description, vat, total amount…etc

12-02-2005 Afsdfsdt 3.0 3000
12-02-2005 Afsdfsdt 3.0 3000

like this i am not unable to get extract data above table type data.its selecting 2 columns and whole row. i want extract each data into excel sheet.

how can i handle this ??

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Can you try use the PDF Package “UiPath.PDF.Activities”. Install this as dependencies and use activity Read PDF.

Then by using String manipulation(as in Academy, eg Split, IndexOf, SubString etc…), you can get the data you wanted.

i installed pdf package ,
top row coming data into excel sheet but table type data problem selecting two columns when i select particular column,by use get text


Did you mean the column data type is the problem? I suggest look at the other post in the forum on how to convert column data type.

if you are using for each row activity, you can get each column value by row(“columnName”).ToString