Pdf file automation

Hi guys,

I’d like to automate the creation of a pdf file. It is a list of dates in a file. The bot must read the entire file and copy the most recent date from the pdf file. Please advise on how I should automate.

Without knowing anything specific on your document layout, data types etc, the standard way forward can be:

  • read your pdf into a string (activity Read PDF Text)
  • process the string and extract the data you need (the table in thais case)
  • apply logic to extract the specific date

But it really depends on the document, before we can add anything other than generic answers.

Also someting to look into, is the document understanding feature.
Document Understanding - AI Document Processing | UiPath


Can you share more details regarding your issue?

By providing screenshot / sample Input and Output files


Hi Srini,

I have uploaded a sample attachment.
Actually in the sample pdf file have some list of dates. The bot have to read the entire pdf file and copy the latest date.

I have done few steps.

  1. read the pdf by using read pdf activity and stored into a string and used the regex pattern “\d{1,2}/\d{1,2}/\d{4}” to collect the entire date.

After this step I got struck.

Can you help me on this.