PDF Extraction one particular word to another word

Hi Team i have one doubt i’m trying to extract the values from pdf. I know the starting and end point of the text. Inside all the values i required Kindly help you

In that case you can extract PDF text with the UiPath.PDF.Activities and use a Regex expression in the resulting string to match the text in between your two words.

If you provide the two words I can make an example Regex expression for you.

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sure @Che Thanks for your quick reply. Inside the values i will get arabic also i will create one example i will share you now

I shared sample one kindly check

1 property ID 123432434~A23 HOME C1 Home 1231 PROPERTY TYPE Flat~PO Box 000 LANDLORD ABC sales LLC~CONSUMPTION~121.97~without this support your bill wourld have been US 231.23 Meter ASSDFLK343249~Rate US/~kwh~Previous read~01 jan 22!~Current reading~12 Feb 22~TOTAL INCL

Hi @Buvaneshwaran_R

Try this expression

Use assign activity

LHS → Create an variable




@Buvaneshwaran_R , Drag and Drop Match activity , and use this expression
(?<=\b1 property ID).*(?=TOTAL INCL)

@Gokul001 Sure gokul thanks for Reply let me check

@swarna_harshini_m_l Thanks for Your reply. Let me check

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