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I read the pdf and then print it to the txt file. There are a lot of expressions in the txt file.


Document No: 1111
Invoice No: 222
Price: 4545

I just want to get the “invoice no” value. How can I do ?


Hi D Ulutas,

  • Read PDF Text activity is used to extract entire data of a document.
  • To extract a specific portion of data from the native PDF use Get Full Text activity.
  • If you are trying to extract data from a scanned PDF use Get OCR Text activity.

this won’t work because “invoice no” can be replaced.

Example: Invoice1

Document No: 1111
Invoice No: 222
Price: 4545

Example: Invoice2

Document No: 1111
Price: 4545
Invoice No: 222

assuming pdfText is the string outupt of read pdf text

you can get Invoice No using

System.text.regularExpressions.regex.match(pdfText, "Invoice No: ([\d]+)").Groups(1).value


try this

Sequence2.xaml (7.5 KB)

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Hey @d.ulutas

Take a look at my Regex MegaPost.

Its a starting point to learn Regex :slight_smile:



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