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Hi, I have a automation problem, where I have a set of invoices… I need to extract the Emp name from pdf and search the Excel file for that employee and copy the required data from excel and paste it in the same pdf…

And paste the data into Original pdf

New Microsoft Excel Worksheet.xlsx (8.7 KB)
Invoice # 3 B.pdf (18.6 KB)

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Hi @MEGHA_cs

Do you have a preferred PDF editor.

Anyhow, what you need is a combination of Image Automation and Drag and Drop

  1. Find the region for the bill to as a image selector and use padding to find where to drag the Label
  2. Use Click, Click down event to click on the label control
  3. Use Click Up event to release the click activity.

can you explain me that you need you paste the table format like you mentioned or you can aslo paste like text format in the pdf…after comparing it with excel data

probably a table data…

@Anil_G ,
can you please help me on this


If you have an option in your pdf to convert to word…then it would be better to convert the file to word…then add the table (for which you have word activities) and then convert it back to pdf (for this there is an activity again)


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Thank you…

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