PDF document doesn't open when sent via Outlook


I have implemented the below flow:

  • Create invoice in Navision
    -Download invoice in PDF
    -Merge the invoice PDF with the details PDF file
    -Send the merged document via Outlook

Since I always got an error while trying to merge these two documents, I removed the “merge PDF” activities from the flow hoping that I could solve the issue but instead of getting an error, the PDF document attached to the email, doesn’t open ( Error: Failed to load PDF document.).
The same document, in my local folder, opens with no errors.

Why this is happening?

You are getting it as an exception while sending an email or you are trying to download that document and open it again?

During the download I don’t receive any error. I received an error while I’m trying to merge the download document with another one. Because of it, I removed the merge PDF activity and I do not receive any error anymore. The problem now is when I try to open the attachment, it doesn’t open while the file saved in my local folder opens with no errors.

Try to pass hard code path instead of variable and let me know what happens…
You mush have been missing an extension of the file…

What do you mean by “hard code path”? The variable is the full path of the file including the file extension.

Hard code path means whatever you are passing through the variable just pas the path directly to attachment and see…

If possible send the pdf file

The issue has been solved by delaying few seconds before sending the email, probably the PDF document wasn’t “ready” yet and that’s why the attachment file was not opening.

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