PDF Data Validation using data from Database

Hi all,

Kinda new to RPA development.
Just want to know on how can I validate data from PDF using data from database.
Need to validate if each data in PDF table is correct as well as the total.
Sorry cant upload sample PDF
My sample PDF is this:

Thank you.

Hi @regie,

First you need to extract the data from the PDF using “read PDF Text” or “read PDF text with OCR” depending upon the type of PDF into some variables, then you need to use “UIPath.Database.Activities” to connect to your DB and check the PDF values.

thanks for the response
this is the current output.
any idea to separate each as column?
when i added them as a datatable it is inserting in 1 column only.

sorry how to add author?

you must be missing something while scrapping. Check with all the output methods as it is difficult for me to answer without looking into the exact PDF. you can this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jncjBCY4Auw to read the various PDF extraction technique.

Sorry I cannot upload any file because im a new user.
I can email it to you including my xaml, i just really need to know how to do this.

thank you so much.

you can email me @ manojbatra071@gmail.com

Thank you Sir. Email sent.

Received, will update you.