Pdf data using Excel to pdf conversion package

I am facing issue in conversion of excel to pdf using package in uipath studio. The date column values are visible in excel but not in pdf file

can anyone please help me with this issue?

Can you please convert the date type to string before converting into pdf

Let me know if it works

@Venugopal24 I have fetched the data from database in excel file so shall i convert the data type of date in database?

How do I convert date type to string?

Hi @Cloud_Compute

For converting Type you can refer below thread :-

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Er Pratik Wavhal :robot::man_technologist:t4: :computer:

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@Pratik_Wavhal I am getting proper data in excel but when excel gets converted to pdf I do not get proper data Can u please help me with this issue?

@Pratik_Wavhal thanks it works now

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