PDF Automation check word and move file from one folder to another

In Pdf check if below files contain these word if they have below words then move to “Appraisal” folder otherwise move to “Non Appraisal” folder

  1. Appraisal
  2. C&W File ID:
  3. Valuation & Advisory

Hi @Sandhya_Gajare

→ If the PDFs are normal PDFs(not scanned) then use read pdf text activity that will output the data to string format (assume output is your string var)
→ Now, apply string operations in if condition

output.contains("Appraisal") OR output.contains("C&W File ID") OR output.contains("Valuation & Advisory")

→ If true move the files to Appraisal folder, else Non Appraisal

I have three PDF 2 are native and one is scanned how i can do with 3 PDF

@Sandhya_Gajare For scanned one you can use Read PDF with OCR activity and see how it goes OR try reading all the 3 PDFs with Read PDF with OCR activity and check the results

Also, instead of string operations, you can also use regex to check the keywords present or no with assign activity

LHS variable of type boolean Res = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.IsMatch(JStr, "Appraisal|C&W\s+File\s+ID|Valuation\s+&\s+Advisory")

→ This exp returns true or false

Can you please provide me
solution file reading 3 file with regex and how to move from one folder to another

@Sandhya_Gajare is it possible to share that pdf

pdf file size is big
so i am unable to share here

can you give me your personal id i wll share with you