PDF as Queue Item

Hello Everyone,

Is it possible to use PDF as my Queue item?

Hey @Gus_Fring,

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Exactly what do you mean by using a PDF as a Queue Item? Definitely, you can create queue items to reference pdf files, the QueueItem class includes a SpecificData attribute, that happens to be a dictionary where you can send custom values.

Here’s an example:

yourQueueItem.SpecificData("FileName") = yourPdfFilePath
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Hi @Gus_Fring,

Thanks for your reply @Edwin_Barahona, i think it is a good solution.

Maybe I can try to contribute by making a small addition here. If you want to read the PDF in Process Transaction, I think you can make your job easier by sending PdfPath instead of FileName.

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Hi all,

Thank you for all your replies. Will surely try this on my workflow.

So I will replace the “FileName” into my PDFPath? Is that correct?

Yes, that is correct.