PDF Activity


Is there any activity to change the value of the pdf file?

@9393 Question is Unclear, can you please elaborate.

@9393 Do you mean changing the data within the PDF itself. If that is the case I guess there is no such activity available for this. Instead you can extract the data from the PDF, and can perform actions you want

I want to change the value in the pdf.

Is there a way to proceed by detour?


you can use the read pdf file, then perfom you actions in that string variable, then you can write your result in a word file and save it as pdf


Hello @9393 ,

If you want to find and replace a particular value in PDF and if you can modify the PDF, you can do the below steps:

  1. Open PDF
  2. Use attach window activity and indicate the PDF.
  3. Use hotkeys and type Ctrl+F and type the value we have to change from and value we have to change to.
  4. Send hotkey for enter and then save pdf.

Hope this helps!

Hi @9393 ,

We would like to know if the PDF is actually a PDF Form. If so, you could try the below Component in modifying or Retrieving the PDF Form values :