PDF activity or word activity is not permanently installed from "Manage Packages"

Hello All,

I am facing a problem. whenever I want to do any “PDF/Word” related activity in a new sequence/workflow, everytime i need to install “UiPath.PDF.activites” or “Uipath.Word.Activites” from “Manage Packages”. Why I need to do it? How can i Installed in permanently. Even, when i reopen a workflow contained “PDF related” activity, it’s just showing error. I need to reinstall that activity again from “Manage Packages” to remove that error. Please share a suggestion with me.

Hi @Sojol_Hamid

After you have added the packages and saved your Studio project, check the file project.json. It should be updated. A sample of it is shown below. When you double-click on your *.xaml Studio file, Studio first checks for the project.json. In your case, the UiPath.PDF.Activities and UiPath.Word.Activities should be inside the dependencies section. If the project.json is mssing, the Studio will create a new project.json and provide the default dependencies.