Payslip automation project

Hi i am working on payslip automation project my project senario is that i want to fetch data from from excel salary sheet where everything is calculated in different column like basic salary DA ,HRA etc and i am fetching data by using datatable and datarow …but the main concern is that i need to paste data in given format and convert file into pdf than send that pdf to employees email how could i paste data in given msword or notpad salary slip format in word i am using find anf replays activity but that is showing error so what is othet way to complete my requirement please help me out

For this you need UIPath Word Dependencies.
Following are the steps to convert a .docx file to a .pdf file

  1. Click Manage Dependencies. Navigate to Official and download Word dependencies.

  2. Add Word Application Scope and enter the file path of your *.docx file.

  3. Then drag the Export to PDF activity and enter the file name and path of new pdf file which you want to create.

Just run it this will create pdf file.

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For some startup help refer the below thread

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