Pausing and Resuming between activities in Parallel workflow

In Parallel activity/workflow we can add multiple activities where each of them runs in Parallel. Is there any option to pause the other activity from another activity?

Use case
Under Parallel activity
#1 Captcha watcher: An activity that has infinite loop that checks for the Captcha element on the page. Once it founds, I want to stop/pause all other activities that are running within this Parallel context.

Is this a feasible/supported scenario?
Work around for me is to raise a MessageBox in the captcha watcher activity, where it pauses all other parallel activities until I click/respond to the Messagebox. Is there any neat option without using MessageBox ?

As a best practice, you should have your workflow prepare for the Captcha when it is expected. In some cases, the Captcha does not appear, but in such cases, you can have your process skip the activities used to handle the captcha and move forward with the rest of the process.

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