Pausing a long running job to let a shorter one run periodically

I have 1 unattended robot licence with Orchestrator. Now I have 2 jobs to run. First job will take 2 hours to finish and second one will take 1 minute to finish. The second job needs to run every 15 minutes. This means that the schedule for the second job will run into conflict with the longer first job.

Solution 1:
Write a complex routine inside job 1 that allows it to stop and exit after every 10 minutes. This would allow job 2 to run every 15 minutes as per schedule. Down side is that I have to maintain the state of job 1 in a flat file or SQL server, so that it knows from where to resume later.

Solution 2:
Find a way for job 1 to pause and relinquish control for job 2 to run. Not sure if this is possible in UiPath.

Is there a better way of running these two jobs, without purchasing another robot license?




Hi @adeelh did you get a solution for this challenge? Iā€™m also having same issue.

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The same here. Please share if you have any solution for this.

Hi everyone, please share if you have any solution for this.