Pause Automation


I want to pause automation for 30 Minutes. After 30 minutes a dialog box will appear if I want to resume the automation. How can I do this?

Better idea to take an element exist or wait element to appear activity and increase timeout property to 30 min…

Just for information, If you want to do it in attended mode as one time activity then In UiRobot section we have an option to pasue…
Refer below…


can we use Delay activity to pause the automation?

Hey but delay will eat up RAM right?


If you using queues, you can use postpone Transaction item, but you need to define the logic like to check the element appear if not It’s a fresh transaction

Hope this may help you


@Pravin_Patil1 may I ask you a question? What is the following use for in UI path?

  1. To.String
  2. Double
  3. Int32